Juli Rathke
Founder YOGA + Life™ Magazines.
Executive Consulting & Training.
Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur.
Global Retreats and Courses.
Speaker, Author, Facilitator.
Here’s My Story…
Yoga + Life™ Magazines, Founder
Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine, Publisher
Outside Television, Live TV Host
CNN Headline News, TV Spots
Weather Channel, TV Spots
Media Company, Founder
Meta Yoga Studios & Schools, Co-Founder
Bonjuli Jewelry & Designs, Co-Founder
Yoga Teacher
GOYO Adventures, Co-Founder
Executive Consulting & Business Coaching
So What’s Your Story?
Let’s write the script together.
You CAN have it all….

Juli_LrWELCOME! I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, philanthropist and an unshakable optimist. I have helped thousands of people to greater influence in their own lives by achieving success in life, business, health and happiness. I serve as a high performance executive consultant, personal mentor and educator.

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